What’s Next?

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“What’s next?”

bartlet whats next 2Two simple words, now iconic because the President of the United States used them once a week on Sunday nights.

Wait, what?  You’re saying that was all fiction?  Don’t you remember how you felt when President Bartlet announced he had multiple sclerosis?   What about the constitutional crisis when, before he could confirm his new vice president, one of his daughters was kidnapped and the speaker of the house was president for a few hours?

No?  Still saying it was fiction?  Well, OK.  I’ll just counter that life can be stranger than fiction; our current presidential leadership is Exhibit A.

Still, “what’s next?”

What’s next is this:  I’m beginning an apprenticeship for the next chapter in my work life.  Over the next four months, I’ll apply what I’ve learned from my work in teaching businesses to grow, leading teams, and managing projects to Share on Purpose.  Share on Purpose is an umbrella for several businesses.  There’s a marketing firm, a talent development service, a small business accelerator, and more to come.  In the short run, I’ll be working as a project lead in the marketing firm and the small business accelerator.  I’ve got my eye on the talent development piece in the long run.

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room.  Yes, my plan A was to find work in the NFP sector using those same skills.  Yes, I had my sights set on one in particular.  But I’ve always entered my work with Plans B and C.  Thankfully, I never had to get to Plan C.

What about Plan B?  I’m fortunate to now work in a business where:

  • My dreams and desires for my career will be nurtured and encouraged.
  • My best gifts will be engaged.
  • I share a similar vision of work life with the CEO
  • My vocation will have opportunities to be fed, as well.  I’ll continue volunteering at CitySquare.

So thanks for your prayers and concerns along the way.  Yes, I’ll confess–being 42 and on the lookout for jobs was no picnic.  Though I never doubted that it was the right direction to go, it was scary at times.  There were a couple of mornings in the last 8 weeks when I doubted my sanity, if not my direction.   I’ll skip the “what I learned” speech and just say that relationships make the difference.  Relationships make it easier to stomach the bad days, enjoy the good days, and look forward to the days ahead.

What’s next?

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